Hurricane Recipes

Something a little different. If you want to skip this preamble we will be back to our recipe posts tomorrow, there are no recipes to be found here.

I live in South Florida and…(checks name of hurricane) Dorian could be coming here. It also could not be!

In the middle of buying all the water and the candles and the gas and non-electronic books, you have to consider what you are going to eat.

Storms make people absolutely crazy when it comes to food. I don’t necessarily eat for health during my everyday life; I eat things that I think would be interesting or fun to cook or something I know I love. But people who eat unhealthy without a care are transformed by storms. They buy tuna fish and cans of beans and cornichons and peanut butter even if they are hated. They haven’t had a glass of water for eight years but all of a sudden they need a gallon a day. That kind of stuff.

Anyways, it’s been difficult to think about anything except what I’m going to eat during the storm if my family and I lose power for days. So this week I’m going to be sharing the food we plan on riding out Dorian with. These will be scheduled because if Dorian does hits us we will have lost power but just know I’m enjoying instant coffee and Triscuits by candlelight. Thanks and see you tomorrow.