What is Recipe Stack?

It’s basically a meme to poke fun at recipe sites that give you 19,000 word dissertations about pork chops. There are multiple reasons this is done.

  1. Copyright. The law, which I have very little understanding of, says you can’t copyright a recipe because it’s just a list of ingredients and the order of doing things with those ingredients. What you can copyright are pictures you post of you cooking your recipe, your journey to the grocery store, why your wife likes smoked paprika but not regular paprika, etc. Most of these details are included because it makes your recipe a transformative work and you now can say the recipe in this form is yours and you can publish a cookbook and make seven million dollars that includes your paprika opinions.

  2. Search engine optimization. I don’t presume to know the reason every person creates a space on the internet to share their recipes but the act of creating a website is proof that they want people to see what they are posting. The internet is a vast void where it often feels impossible to get noticed unless you are racist or a cute dog. One of the ways to be found in this abyss is to write long, rambling sentences in the hope that someone types a similar phrase into Google and finds you.

  3. Ads. If you only have one picture and one small paragraph that tells you how to cook something, you can’t optimize the amount of ads to put in the middle of your recipes. I was recently searching for party food and was met with the following page.

And I’ve never even had a bunion!

There is of course this absolute classic as well.

I don’t want to link to too many examples because then I’m the same as everyone else.

So after years of putting up with similar looking nonsense, this is where I decided I needed to change the way I was looking at recipes.

Why subscribe to Recipe Stack?

I want to collect all the things I cook in one place with no ads or life stories or cookie stealing or SEO or forty pictures of the ingredients thoughtfully positioned on a counter top. That way I can refer back to Recipe Stack and hopefully give other people the relief of not having to see feet and meal box ads and all the rest when they just want to know how much cheese to use in eggplant parm.

What’s the best way to find a recipe?

On the home page, go to “Archive” for a quick list of everything that’s been posted on Recipe Stack. You can use the search function if you have one ingredient you need to use or just scroll through them all to find something that appeals to you.

Who runs Recipe Stack?

My name is Josh Brady, I’m a freelance filmmaker who has been a home cook as long as I’ve had a home. Work days are typically 14 hours which doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for cooking but I try my best with these recipes. I started teaching myself how to cook because I couldn’t afford overpriced restaurant food and I wanted to eat steak.

I have a twitter where I primarily retweet dril. I have another twitter where I post the same recipes you read here but I also post a link there.

How will I know if I want to make one of these recipes if you don’t have a picture of it?